Why Build a New Home

Although building a new home is a very exciting a rewarding experience, we realize that you may be overwhelmed or intimidated by the process. Before deciding on a home plan or any of the other items in the home, you must first make the decision that building is the right choice for you. With so many used houses for sale, why would you choose to build a new one?

At Maplewood Homes, we believe that a brand new home is great option for virtually anyone and here are some of the benefits of building new.

Reasons to Build a New Home
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

At Maplewood Homes, we specialize in building energy efficient high performance new homes. The result is a home that saves our clients money every month on their utility bills and actually lowers their total monthly cost of ownership compared to an older home that might be cheaper initially.

Designed to Fit YOUR Life

When you are out looking at used homes, it's often difficult to find one that feels right. The reason is that all those houses were designed and built to meet the needs of someone else. When we build you a new home, we build it exactly the way you want it. You pick out all the colors and specify the finish details and fixtures. You select the kitchen cabinets and countertops. You specify the room sizes and layout. You tell us how you want it to look on the outside, too. When we're done, it will be YOUR home, and it will feel right to you from day one.

You Choose the Location

Often, if you able to find a house you like, you may not be thrilled with the location. With a new home, once we design the perfect house for you, we can put it anywhere. And we'll lay it out on the homesite exactly how you want it, too.

You're Protected Against Unexpected Repair Costs

A new home comes with a new roof. And a new furnace. And a new hot water heater, a new well, a new septic, all new plumbing fixtures and new light fixtures and new windows and new siding and.... You get the point! Virtually everything we put in our homes comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Plus, on top of that, we also provide a builder's warranty. You won't need to worry about stretching your housing budget on an older house, only to be blind-sided when some major component fails and requires costly repairs.

Everything is Clean and New

Wouldn't it be nice to move into your next home and enjoy being the first person to live there? There won't be any pet stains in the carpet or scratches on the walls. There won't be any critters living under the porch (or under the cabinets!) and there won't be anything growing in any dark corners of the basement.

Minimal Homeowner Maintenance

Older homes can sometimes be a nightmare. You're always fixing something. Things wear out. They break. They get old. Did the previous owners often overlook the routine maintence? Did they cobble together some "do-it-yourself" project - and leave the headaches for the next guy? With a new home, everything is designed, built, and installed to last for years with only a minimum amount of homeowner maintenance.