Understanding the New Home Construction Process

Don't let the construction process intimidate you. It's not really complicated, just a lot of work - and we do all the work! At Maplewood Homes, we divide the labor into four phases. Each phase should take approximately 30 days and we will complete construction on most homes in 120 days from start to finish.

The Process
PHASE I Excavation & Foundation

During the first 30 days of the construction process we will prepare the foundation for the home. This would include clearing the lot and excavating a hole for the basement. After that, we will construct the foundation, pour the concrete floor in the basement, and back-fill soil against the home. We will grade the site to provide proper drainage of rain water and bring out a dumpster and port-jon to keep the jobsite clean.

PHASE II Rough-In Framing & Roofing

The framers are the next crew to arrive on the job site and they go right to work building up from where the foundation contractor left off. This is an exciting time for our homeowners because the home is literally taking shape and each day it comes more and more to life. As soon as we get the roof framed, the roofers will begin roofing the home. Doors and Windows are installed as part of the framing process. By the 60 day mark, the typical home is completely weather-proofed with roof, doors, windows, and house wrap.

PHASE III Rough in Mechanicals & Drywall

Once the home is "dried-in," we can begin work on the rough-in electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. We will need to pause here briefly for inspections, but once approved, we can insulate and drywall the interior of the home. While all this is going on inside, our siding crew can be working on the exterior finish of the home. This is a busy time on the site as many trade contractors are coming and going, all working on the home at once. Our trade partners, though, have worked together on our homes for years and know how to get the job done. Larger homes will sometimes take a little longer than 30 days to complete this phase.

PHASE IV Interior Finish

The final phase of construction is go inside and put on all the finishing touches that you've selected. The paint, doors, trim, cabinets, countertops, fixtures and flooring. By now, most of our clients are excited and anxious to move into their home and the temptation is "hurry-up" and get it done. The finishing details, though, are the ones that you see the most and we will be sure to do a quality job that you will be happy with.