April 23rd, 2017

Job Opening: Controller and Administrative Supervisor

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Job Opening:  Controller and Administrative Supervisor

Under the general direction of the President, manages the financial, accounting, and administrative processes for Maplewood Homes and its related companies.  To apply, send resume to


  • Produce monthly financial statements and other managerial reports for all Maplewood Homes related entities.
    • Includes Income Statement with budget comparison
    • Balance Sheet
    • Sources and Uses of Cash statement
    • And Work in Process Reports.
  • Manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash requirements and check/direct deposit processing.
  • Manage construction draws and deposits for all jobs under construction.
  • Manage all loans and leases.
  • Handle and reconcile all checking accounts, petty cash, hand-written checks, credit card accounts, rebate accounts and early pay discounts.
  • Process month end journal and closing entries and produce general ledger reports each month. Journal entries for job sales or closings, lot purchases, and construction or other loans.
  • Prepare job cost vs. budget report monthly for each home under construction and monthly percent-complete income report.
  • Prepare cash requirements and projection report for each check/direct deposit run for approval by President.
  • Coordinate with the Maplewood Homes Company CPA to provide all information for timely filling of company tax returns and related reviews.
  • Maintain all company financial files, data, and back-ups
  • Set up the job package for each sales contract or spec house start. Job budget, POs, etc.
  • Establish and supervise office administrative support team.
  • Prepare operating budgets. Track and report on operational performance benchmarks, budgets, and actual results.  Use trend analysis to keep management informed of areas of needed improvement.
  • Assist Construction Operations Manager and Estimator/Purchasing with monthly PO variance analysis.
  • Manage Maplewood Homes employee files, policies, and payroll processing. Employee time keeping system maintenance.  Oversight of direct construction labor tracking system.  Invoices and payments between the jobsite labor division and the home building company.
  • Manage Maplewood Homes subcontractor files and insurance requirements. Prepare annual insurance audits.
  • Manage property taxes and all insurance, including worker’s comp, general liability, vehicle, property, and builders risk.
  • Maintain vehicle mileage logs and maintenance logs. Maintain tool inventory records.
  • Maintain the Company Chart of Accounts per NAHB standards.
  • Attend and participate in regular team/management meetings for Maplewood Homes.
  • Prepare monthly/quarterly real estate market conditions report.
  • Oversee management of commercial real estate interests.
  • Work towards improving existing management systems and building new systems to improve accountability and process efficiency.
  • Perform other managerial and accounting functions as determined by company president.



  • Bachelors degree and a minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience in accounting, finance, and/or business management.
  • Highly analytical and detail-oriented personality.
  • Ability to perform at a high level without continuous direct supervision.
  • Ability to prioritize, organize, and manage multiple responsibilities.
  • Superior people and communication skills to articulately and professionally handle communication with employees and vendors and treat all stakeholders with respect and consideration.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be with a fast-paced, rapidly growing and evolving company.
  • Accounting and Finance ability to maintain accurate records, schedules, and filing systems.
  • Organizational aptitude to manage a multi-person and time demanding department.
  • High level of computer aptitude and willingness to learn to process needed data and to communicate via reports, spreadsheets and letters. Especially MS Excel and Quickbooks
  • Experience with insurance procurement and audit procedures.
  • Must have understanding and willingness to process draw requests in a timely fashion and to insist upon accurate reporting to/from banks.
  • A willingness to handle accounts receivable collection when necessary.
  • A high level of integrity and the ability to hold confidential information that is proprietary to the management of Maplewood Homes.

To apply, send resume to

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