May 25th, 2018

Job Opening – Contract Adminstrator

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Contract Administrator

Job Description


Under the general direction of the Construction Operations Manager, manages the pre-construction job package development for Maplewood Homes.   Is also the Assistant Production Manager during construction and assists the superintendents with scheduling communications.


  • Process all construction job/start packages. This includes…
  • Permit applications, tracking, reporting and pick up.
  • Utilities new service applications, tracking, and reporting
  • Tracking of selections, preconstruction conference notes, CAD drawings and purchase order generation to make sure package is available to construction well before dig date.
  • Communicate and project the Maplewood Homes “We care” attitude to all customers and employees through all forms of communication (writing, verbal, appearance).
  • Handles development of start package for speculative homes being built by Maplewood Homes.
  • Prepares all necessary reports for management approval.
  • Prepares weekly the approved purchase orders/VPOs and job cost invoices for delivery to the accounting department for processing.
  • Assists Construction Operations Manager with vendor and trade communication and the accounting department with vendor statement reconciliations to job cost accounting system.
  • Maintains the Maplewood Homes start schedule slot system. Delivers weekly report to management and sales department.
  • Attends regular construction team meetings. The most important regular agenda items are weekly scheduling, construction training and vendor loading.
  • Attend and participate in regular support team meetings for Maplewood Homes.
  • Maintains computerized construction schedule and critical management report database for Maplewood Homes.
  • Manage production office supply ordering and procurement.
  • Runs back office computer system reports to assist Construction Operations Manager in their assigned duties.
  • Calls in and follows up on all inspection requests to government inspectors.
  • Other duties as needed to promote Maplewood Homes long term success.



  • People skills to articulately and professionally handle communication with customers, employees and vendors.
  • Bookkeeping ability to maintain accurate reports, including slot system, job cost variance reporting and to reconcile monthly account statement from multiple material suppliers.
  • Organizational aptitude to manage the pre-construction job package routing and processing.
  • Computer aptitude and willingness to learn to process needed data and to communicate via letters, spreadsheet reports and database maintenance.
  • Must have understanding and willingness to process permit requests in a timely fashion and to insist upon accurate reporting to/from municipalities.
  • A willingness to handle accounts payable communication when vendor problems occur.

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